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Lloyd's of Indiana offers a large variety of laminators, including equipment for education, commercial and wide format applications. Choose from 15" to 65" laminating widths and hot or cold PSA (pressure sensitive) machines. We sell only quality made laminating machines that meet our requirements. We have sorted our roll laminators by three classes educational, commercial and wide format.

Brand: D&K Commercial Lamination Model: SKU18731
The EXP 42 Plus Laminator is a heavy duty, industrial strength wide format laminating machine. It features variable speed, heated rollers, a release liner rewind, with a stand. It is designed for multi-purpose laminating and is ideal for wide format digital output. The EXP 42 Plus Laminator is a per..
D&K Expression 44 Twin Commercial Roll Laminator
--16 %
Brand: D&K Commercial Lamination Model: 187313
The EXP 44 Twin wide format laminator is a dual purpose, operator-friendly laminator. It is designed for low-temperature laminating, making it ideal for delicate inkjet media. It has the ability to laminate, encapsulate, and mount on the top rollers and mount using the bottom two rollers without re-..
$15,985.00 $13,780.00
Brand: D&K Commercial Lamination Model: 18735
The EXP 62 Plus Laminator offers you the perfect finishing solution for your wide format graphics up to 61" wide. With its easy to use display and versatility of using either pressure sensitive or thermal laminating films, the EXP 62 Plus Laminator is the perfect machine for all your wide format fin..
Brand: D&K Commercial Lamination Model: 18736
The EXP 65+ is a heavy duty thermal laminator designed for production environments. The EXP 65+ Laminator can handle material up to 67" wide and is ideal for wide format graphics. The EXP 65+ offers roll-to-roll lamination and can mount onto substrates up to 2" thick. Features Digital control pane..
Brand: D&K Commercial Lamination Model: SKU18757
The Minikote EZ (G3) is a user-friendly two sided laminator that is perfect for classrooms, offices, and print production environments. The Minikote EZ features basic controls for easy operation with professional laminating results. Heat is adjusted with a temperature control knob and a simple forwa..
Brand: D&K Commercial Lamination Model: SKU18756
Education LaminatorThe Minikote (G2) is an easy-to-operate, two-sided laminator that is perfect for classrooms, offices, and print production environments. The Minikote is made in the USA with durable, quality parts designed for years of use. This dependable laminator is easy to operate with a digit..
Brand: D&K Commercial Lamination Model: SKU201800
The Minikote Pro offers board mounting capabilities and desktop lamination using nearly any type of laminating film. Unlike many other desktop systems, the Minikote Pro features rotating silicone rollers that are compatible with polypropylene (dry erase), polyester, and textured vinyl (PVC) laminati..
H20 Heavy Duty Roll Laminator Dual Hot Roll
-12 %
Brand: Ledco Model: 2020220L
Heavy Duty LaminatorH20 Heavy Duty Roll Laminator Dual Hot Roll can handle most jobs for any print shop. It's great for doing menus, signs, book covers, and a variety of projects.It features:Variable speed. The laminator operates at any speed up to 10 feet / 3 meters per minute. Thicker hot films ar..
$11,199.00 $12,709.00
Laminator Work Station /Laminator Stand
-33 %
Brand: Tamerica Model: LWS
Laminator Work StationTamerica LWS Laminator Work Station This stand can be used with most roll laminators including the TCC-2700 27" Roll Laminator. Heavy duty work table. Metal racks to hold your laminating roll film up to 27" film.  Workstation holds your finished laminated item. Heavy duty locki..
$199.00 $299.00
Ledco Automatic Cutter | Roll Lamination Cutter
-13 %
Brand: Ledco Model: C300110-B
Ledco Automatic CutterThe Ledco 30" Automatic Cutter is the ultimate to complete your laminating system. This cutter has been designed to be used with either the HD-25 220V laminator, the new 25 inch High Speed laminator or any other 25 or 30 inch Ledco laminating system.With a speed that is adustab..
$26,699.00 $30,545.00
Brand: Ledco Model: 6130200
Ledco Automatic feederThe Ledco Automatic feeder has a completely self-contained and mounted caster for easy movement. With precision engineering, the feeder has a high standard that is quick and easy to set up with a minimal amount of adjustment.The Automatic feeder comes completely equipped with a..
Brand: Ledco Model: 42B-0008
Ledco Digital 42The Ledco Digital 42 was designed specifically for laminating one side or two, encapsulating, mounting with heat activated (dry mount) or cold pressure- sensitive adhesives (PSA), simultaneous mounting and laminating, and application of cold adhesives. With a top speed of 30 FPM the ..
$16,000.00 $16,559.00
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